GFWC Woman's Club of Martinsburg

THE GENERAL FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S CLUBS, one of the world's largest and oldest nonpartisan, nondenominational, women's volunteer service organizaions, was founded in 1890 and chartered by the 56th United States Congress in 1901.  Headquartered in a National Historic Landmark building in Washington, D.C., GFWC has a long history of philanthropy, social and political advocacy, and community leadership.

There are thousands of clubs in the United States and in more than 20 countries globally.  More than 100,000 club members support the arts, preserve natural resources, promote education, encourage healthy lifestyles, stress civic involvement, and work toward world peace and understanding.

Members around the globe are united in their missions to improve communities through volunteer service.  They volunteer over 7 million hours annually and contribute approximately $38 million through more than 116,000 club projects.


GFWC Woman's Club of Martinsburg 2012-2014 Club Officers:

President              Barbara Hess                      304-263-7726

Vice-President        C.J. May                             304-263-1103

Treasurer               Lillian Sablack                     304-263-0004

Rec. Secretary       Noreen Harvey                   304-667-4487

Corr. Secretary     Pamela Coyle                      304-267-9488 


Last Revised: September 18, 2013